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Live or Virtual TECHbars & Presentations

Simple to set up either virtual, hybrid or live, and fully customizable to provide great value to you and your attendees!

Your attendees are bombarded by new online solutions and apps every single day.  How can you keep up with the latest in tech, devices, efficiency, organization and other business-oriented solutions with so much going on?  How do you meet your mission to go paperless, and to embrace iPads and smartphones?  What’s going on with wearable tech?  How do you infuse technology into a conference with new engaging methods?

Technology today moves fast and comes with a set of necessary decisions.  Do you know where to start, and do you have the time in your busy day to dig into the solutions that would help you and your attendees meet technology objectives?  Embracing new technologies, tablets and apps should be fun!  Take a look at what we suggest and the new possibilities you can bring to your participants below.

What We Suggest for TECHbars

WIFI Access

Connectivity must be stellar since we are encouraging everyone to come with their own devices for a truly an interactive hands-on session for the biggest benefit.

Big Screens

Access to a large monitor with an HDMI adapter connection will allow us to present education and project devices on the screen so that everyone can see tech in action!

Enthusiastic Sponsors

From wine tasting sponsored by a local vintner to vertical-specific tech companies in your industry, the TECHbar is the perfect new sponsorship package for your sales team.

What’s Included for You & Your Attendees

Subject Matter Experts and Speakers

Our team can cover a variety of topics tailored to your audience. We can work with you and your team to figure out what would be best for your audience’s needs. Check out our most popular topics!

Popular Topics

Social Media Buzz Onsite Team

Our team will be your social media buzz team onsite, assisting in driving and stimulating conversations around session topics, your speakers, exhibitors, and making sure that your social media feed is always filled with interesting comments, photos, and interaction from all participants.

TECHLounge or TECHbar

This approachable, interactive spot is staffed by our tech experts and is a crisp, clean addition to your event space. We can incorporate a theme and set the area up as a lounge with seating vignettes, a tech bar — an Apple Store Genius bar-style staffed counter, or do a combination of both. Participants in your event can use the space for one-to-one meetings, as a quick stop for catching up on email, as a central meet-up zone and more. Locations are flexible and can be pre-function, on the show floor, or in a specific room. Our team will be available at all times during your event to answer any and all attendee tech and app questions, especially during networking and coffee break times. Being meeting professionals as well, we are able to help with the logistics of setting up the lounge area with your A/V and furnishings partners.

Resource Center

All sessions are accompanied by an exclusive resource portal created for  attendees to continue to access cheat sheets on the apps and tech solutions covered in the sessions, blueprints and strategy documents on how to take advantage of new technologies in the industry, and a link to the full presentation to share with their teams.

Event Mobile App Support

You spent time and money preparing a mobile app for your participants to use. The Meeting Pool staff can ensure that you get the adoption to make it worthwhile. Our team will be available to SHOW your attendees how to use it, help with support and questions, and lead the charge in unique ways to leverage the features and functionality you’ve chosen.


Educational, beneficial and applicable to all professionals; no matter what industry or market you are in.

The level of comfort with tablets and apps can be from beginner to intermediate; even advanced professionals will leave with something new! The Meeting Pool staff is experienced in presenting a variety of trends and topics to your audience. We can help you put together engaging content in illustrative and interactive session formats that will keep your audience transfixed. We can also help with internal events including marketing off-sites, sales training, product meetings and more. Contact us today to discuss your presenter, moderator or facilitator needs.  Meantime, check out some of our most popular TECHbytes!

  • Get Live on Video Streaming
  • Frontier Technology Update
  • BI, Dashboards & Reporting Tools
  • Apps to Better Your Work-Life Balance
  • Workflow and Productivity
  • Project Management Solutions to Transform Your Productivity
  • Communicate & Collaborate with Real-Time Business Apps
  • Martech & Lead Generation Tools
  • Creative Tools for Non Creatives
  • Latest and Greatest Sales Presentation Tools
  • Top Medical Apps for Today’s HCP
  • Wearable Technology for Next-Gen Business
  • Break Your Excel Habit and Choose the RIGHT Tool for the Task

Topics and questions covered at the Meeting Pool TECHbar include:

  • Recommend a new Smart Device
  • Get me started with CRM
  • Evaluate my LinkedIn profile
  • Evaluate my event or company website
  • Help me choose hardware for my office or event
  • Get me started with Video streaming
  • Collaboration tools for distributed & remote teams
  • Business productivity apps
  • How can I keep track of my family activities and schedules?
  • How do I move data to the cloud?
  • Networking solutions for small businesses

Learning Approach

Our approach depends on the audience, the length of time we have, and the format and design of your meeting. We encourage interactive, hands-on sessions where attendees will be given apps and ways of use they can experiment first hand. We emphasize interaction between the attendees, peer-to-peer, both virtually and in person, where they will have a chance to share which apps they individually use, and expand their ‘take-away’ list of apps even more.