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Hosting or Providing a Sponsored TECHBar

Hosting can be tricky but The Meeting Pool is a one-stop resource.  Fear not; below are some key points to consider when you decide to host a TECHBar.


Organization and communication are the key to hosting a vibrant and informational TechBar. Below we have provided key items that need to be considered before hosting a TechBar.

Getting Started

Event Date

Do you want to host the TECHbar on all days of the event or would a specific day serve a better purpose?

Choosing Location

The TECHbar has the most value when placed in a high traffic area where users can easily interact with the TECHbar crew. Choose between the exhibition hall, registration, or a meeting room.

Attendee Demographics

Understanding the attendee allows us to customize the TECHbar experience and in turn deliver quality material to the attendee. How many attendees do you project? What is the median age? What ranges of technological profession will there be?

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Consider having a sponsor be the face of the TechBar, this way your attendees can learn something meaningful and your sponsors can receive value as well.

Mobile App

Have you considered developing a mobile app for your event? Users experience elevated connectivity to conference materials and schedules when they have access to a mobile app. The app becomes a guide for attendees and helps them navigate the conference with ease

TechBar Experience

Enhance user experience by having technology interaction mediums available for use at the TECHbar.  Some interaction tools to consider include

  • ipads, iphones, Androids, Surface, PCs, Macs
  • Wearable networking
  • Presentations
  • Charging stations
  • Mobile App Help desk

Reach Your Goal

Phase 1: Pre-Event
  • Review show goals, objectives and participant demographics
  • Build marketing plan with timeline
  • Client milestones
  • Client expanded team stakeholders
  • Client introduction to and selection of collaboration tool (Basecamp, etc.)
Phase 2: Pre-Event
  • Campaign programs for event marketing
  • Determine which solutions and apps to showcase
  • Determine the TechByte sessions
  • Determine what attendees would like to learn about in the area
  • Schedule sub-meetings with decorator, etc. – if applicable
Phase 3: Pre-Event
  • Draft social media campaigns to generate buzz and interest in the showcase
  • Confirmation of all partners included in the showcase
  • Confirmation of all speakers & sponsors
  • Compilation of all logos, images, descriptions for partners
  • Compilation of headshots, bios, and topic descriptions
  • Social media & marketing efforts continue
Phase 4: Pre-Event
  • Compile all presentations and demos from partners and presenters
  • Complete pavilion floor plan and diagram
  • Confirm all logistics with decorator, A/V and furniture providers/partners
  • Signage design
  • Social media & marketing efforts continue
Phase 5: Onsite
  • Confirm set-up
  • Complete walk through of schedule of events with partners and speakers
  • Set-up for TECHbar and all iPads pre-programmed
  • Social media & marketing efforts full force
Phase 6: Post-Event
  • Re-package content from the area to promote event to all those that did not attend
  • Conduct interviews with attendees that visited to get their ‘what did you learn and want to share’ stories –
  • Generate post TECHbar report by:
    • Collecting at least 5 testimonials per rep in each conference
    • Upload all testimonials on BC
    • Include in post-techbar report